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Age: 23
Gender: Female
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Country: Aruba
Bra Size: Big Tits Girl
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About LunaHotty
i am Natalia, from Colombia, i 21 years old, i am funny, nice, beauty, sweet,natural, sexy and hot,,    

Not the perfect  dream  girl, but  still , very  close. And i don't even try hard.
Some  times naughty , some  times ironic, some  times happy, but moust of the times  crazy.
Not perfect , but very confident, nothing  can brake me  down !
We have  time for  everything. To  sleep,  to run away in every rong  dierction is posible.  
To regret  our mistakes and  make  them  again, to judge  others  and  forgive  ourselfs.
Time  to write and read. Correct what  we  wrote and  regret  what we wrote.
Time  to make projects and  never acomplish them ,grow ilustions   so later we can rummage in their  ashes.
We  have time for  ambitions and  deseases, to blame the  destiny and details.
We  find  time to banish our  questions  and  delay the  answers.
Time to crush a dream and then reinvent it .
Time to make friends and lose them, recive  lessons  and  forget  the semnification.
We have time  for  everything ,  we just can't find  time  for  ourselfs.
I learned that u can not  force  someone to love  you, all u can do is  be a lovley person.
I learned that nomatter  howmuch i  would  care others might not  care at all.
I learned that  takes  years to build  confidence  and you can lose it in 5  seconds  or less.
I learned that nomatter  what you think u have in life , all that  actualy  matters  is  who you have.
I learned that  charm last about 15 minutes, after that  you might  need to know some thing  else  also.
I learned that u  can still go on after u  said many  time u don't have  strenght  enought.
I learned that  if  someone  does not love  you as u  would like, that does not means   it doesn't love u at all.
I learned that wehn i am upset i have the  right to be upset, but i dont have the right to be mean .
I learned that  first i need to  forgive my self  so other  can forgive me.
I learned how to love  so i can be loved  also .

I use  audio but  some times remeber me to  turn it on
I have  toys
I do anal
heel fuck
Double penetration is only  for fans
I  squirt,  but not in one minute ( im not  a  squirt machine)
I  am single ( does  all my fans  counts  as  bfs ?)
I  am here  almoust  every  day ( i  only  take like 5  days off a month)
I  am broadcasting  from my  own bed in my own  house
I  can talk  english  and  spanish ,no to italy, no to french, sorry
I  talk  with audio  only  for  those  with cam  that also talk back
   ( its  a lil strange only me talking  and   you  typeing )
I  moan,i  scream ,  but not very loud, i have  neighbours
I  smoke, maybe to much , but  dont pick on me  with that

I  DON'T  DO : pee,poo, vomit  and  grose things
and  all those things that  are not allowed
I  do not  meet  anyone  under  any circumstances
I  do not  exchange personal  detail,no  fone  no  email , nothing
I  do not  make  any exceptions no matter  who u are !
I  do not  trade pvts ,so  dont ask show that in exchange  for pvt
pictures all the time, i was delighted
because.. when I start to touch myself,
I get very hot:P
the cameras  provoke me
and if you like to watch me
I get excited over.

Fotos todo el tiempo, que me delitan, porque cuando me empiezo a tocar, me pongo muy ardiente, las camaras me provocan y si te gusta verme , me excito mas.
I BAN  all those  who :
begg  all over  again  to  show  something in free  chat
   ( to  be  a begger is one thing  but  to  be  anoying is a nother )
ask stupid  questions  all over  again
offend  other members  that are  enjoying my chat  room
    ( if u  offend me  don't  give  a fuck, mena su   don't  respect  ur  self in first place)
stupid  people  that  try to  ruin my char  room , assholes  and retard
u  a free  wanker ? ok  goon  , i don't mind, but  keepit  silent ,  either way   its a big  BAN!

if u take me pvt and say squirt, squirt , cum, cum. why u dont squirt? i want squirt  now! just squirt  once!
     guess what  that would be ? BAN :D
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